Leader européen en boulangerie et viennoiserie casher

29 rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris, France

Production tools

    State-of-the-art production units

    4 lines of production strictly devloped to the kosher pareve products (vegetarian).non dairy.
    1 line Dairy kosher production.
    Raw and partbaked breads : 25 production lines from the latest generation.
    French tarts and tartlets : 2 production lines with artisan know-how.

    A full commitment for quality and food safety

    • A strong quality system that is audited and certified to guarantee that our products are
    safe, consistent and the best on the market (ISO 9002, HACCP, etc).
    • Carefully selected highest quality raw materials with full traceability,and strictly kosher.

    A strategic focus on innovation

    • Continuous investments in product development with a Research and Development
    • A presence on all markets around the world to always bring to you the latest trends.
    • A partnership spirit to develop with authentic and innovative products.